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i never change ,,, and never change my ship too :)

September 18, 2014 5:40 pm
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September 13, 2014 12:05 pm

words of encouragement


あきらめないで!- akiramenaide - don’t give up!

どうにかなるさ - dou ni ka naru sa - it’ll all work out somehow

がんばれ!- ganbare - work hard!

あともうちょっと!- ato mou chotto! - just a little more to go

やればできるさ - yareba dekiru sa - you can do it if you try

必ず目標を達成できる - kanarazu mokuhyou tassei dekiru - you can definitely achieve your goal

ファイト!- fight! - go for it!

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…I’m not angry at all.  Thank you for everything so far.

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"حين نعتزل الناس لأننا نحس أننا أطهر منهم روحاً
أو أطيب منهم قلباً
أو أرحب منهم نفساً
أو أذكى منهم قلباً
لا نكون قد صنعنا شيئاً كبيراً ، لقد اخترنا لأنفسنا أيسر السبل وأقلها مؤؤونة"

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tokyo ghoul be like

  • manga: main character's status in serious question
  • manga: important characters pronounced dead, injured and/or missing
  • manga: majority of significant characters not seen since several chapters ago
  • manga: current arc taking place in the middle of a war with no real victor as of yet
  • manga: several major questions left unanswered
  • manga: plot points haven't being tied up
  • manga: little to no idea of the resolution of the story
  • ishida sui: ah yes what a perfect time to end the series lolbye
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Originally by FUFU

*Permission granted by the artist to translate & repost

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the kumou brothers + yamainu clan

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And the forerunners, the forerunners -Those are the ones brought near [to Allah ]In the Gardens of Pleasure,

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أنا بريء ما سويت شيء .. تيهي ~ هههه

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